The Indian Cricket Team Undergoes Quarterly Eye Tests: BCCI Official

Publish On: 02 Jun, 2020 04:43 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

NEW DELHI: It was on Monday, June 1 that the Cricket Association of Bengal came out with a proposal for the players to go through eye tests once the sport of cricket resumes after the lockdown is lifted and the world resumes to normal. It has now been revealed that BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) has been carrying out the tests for the past 3 years.

An official from BCCI has mentioned that even tho it is a good idea by the CAB (Cricket Association of Bengal), the players under BCCI go through these tests quarterly and have been for almost 3 years.

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The official said, "I think it is a brilliant move on their part because cricket is, after all, a game of reflexes and hand-eye coordination. In fact, Virat and boys have been undergoing eye tests quarterly for the last three years. It is a part of the drill for the contracted player."

He further explained the importance of having good eyesight while one is on the field, "You need to ensure that the eye-sight is your strength in this game and if anyone has a problem, you can always get lenses or glasses to sort it out. At the end of the day you are facing bowlers at 140kph and above and even if you miss sight for a fraction of a second, it can cost you."

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The COVID-19 crisis has brought cricket to a halt all over the world. As the world goes back to normal with passing time, the Indian Premier League would probably be the first major cricket event which will commence. Although there have been talks about the T20 World Cup scheduled to be held in Australia during the month of October-November, former sportsman Ravi Shastri stated that countries should be primarily be focused towards domestic cricket.