Spot-Fixing Is A Crime As Serious As Killing Someone: Javed Miandad

Publish On: 04 Apr, 2020 11:25 AM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

LAHORE: Former Pakistan skipper Javed Miandad believes spot-fixing is "similar to killing" an individual and that's why people that were found guilty of corruption in cricket should be hanged.

"Players who are involved in spot-fixing should be severely punished," Miandad said speaking on his YouTube channel.

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"Spot-fixers should be hanged because it's almost like killing someone hence the punishment should even be on the similar lines. An example should be set so that no player even gets close to doing something like this," he added.

According to Miandad, things like spot-fixing go against the teachings of Islam and should be treated accordingly.

The 62-year-old also said that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) wasn't doing the correct thing by forgiving people involved in spot-fixing.

"PCB isn't doing the correct thing by forgiving them. those who bring these players back should be ashamed of themselves," he said.

"I feel these players who are found guilty aren't even sincere to their own families and parents or they'd never do that. they're spiritually not clear. These activities aren't good in any respect on humanitarian grounds and such people don't need to live.

"It is very easy for players to get induced in these corrupt practices, make money and so use their influence and connections to come back into the team," he added advising players to earn money through their performance and diligence.

Shahid Afridi has also said repeated cases of Pakistan players either being approached by bookies or them failing to report approaches is thanks to the failure of the PCB to line strong examples.

"I feel these examples should have been set in the past but this didn't happen which is why we've seen such cases on a regular basis," Afridi told the Geo channel.

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"I don't have anything against anyone but even now if the board wants to set an example it can do this. Only then can we hope to curtail such cases," he added.