Sachin Tendulkar Applauds India For Its Unity!

Publish On: 23 Mar, 2020 01:03 PM | Updated   |   Harshita  

MUMBAI: On 22nd March 2020, India saw something so astonishing that it may have never witnessed. Indians all over the world united and expressed their gratitude in a unique way to all those Braveheart who are risking their lives to save others from the novel coronavirus. Seeing the same, cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar cannot control his words of praise. 

In a video message, Sachin applauded everyone for coming together despite being away from each other and also thanked those officials, who are working tirelessly to protect the country, with words and claps. He wrote, "Today India came together even while staying in our homes. While we are at home there are many who are selflessly performing their duties. Thank you to each one of you for putting us before yourself. The discipline and commitment we showed today needs to continue #Jantacurfew."

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On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged to each Indian to follow the Janta curfew (a curfew imposed by people themselves) on 22nd March and then on the same day at 5 pm, PM Modi asked everyone to express their thanks to people who are still working during this pandemic for 5 minutes. People came in their balconies or gates and thanked such people by banging utensils, clapping and blowing conch shells.

The streets on Sunday were eerily quiet and one could hear the birds chirping as the whole country diligently followed the curfew. Various states and cities have imposed a near-total lockdown for a few days to prevent the spread of this deadly disease. India has entered phase 2 of the pandemic as the number of positive cases for COVID-19 crossed 400. We have to stop it from entering its third phase as it would be so disastrous considering India's population. 

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Please do maintain social distance, practice good hygiene, stay at home and diligently follow the lockdown orders. This is the only way we can fight this virus!