Thappad Review: Taapsee's Beautiful Portrayal With Sinha's Strong Message!

Publish On: 28 Feb, 2020 12:54 PM | Updated   |   Harshita  

A girl named Amrita leaves behind her dreams so as to be a dutiful wife and daughter-in-law. What does she get in return? A tight slap on her face that was out of mistreated anger of her husband in front of family and other guests! That's when she finally realizes her worth and that slap worked as a blessing in disguise. 

The slap reminds Amrita of every injustice that she has faced in her entire span of married life. As mentioned by her in one of her dialogues, she gave her entire life to her "better half" and his family and he could not even control his anger and decides to take it out on his woman as where else would that anger would go, right? 

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NO! Women are not here to just keep on making adjustments or rather they do but when those change to sacrifices, they decide that enough is enough. Amrita had her entire life in front of her eyes, all the adjustments, all the sacrifices and all the injustice after she gets slapped and thus, decides to give right back to him. No, she did not slap him in return instead she demanded a divorce because "nahi maar sakta". 

While everyone else thought (maybe, including the audience) that it was just a slap and tried to make her understand that women have to bear somethings in order to make any relationship work, even her own mother. But violence in any form could never be mistaken for love and Amrita was aware of the difference between the two, therefore, going against the orthodox society and her family, she decides to break-up the marriage. Do you know what's more beautiful? Her father stands strong by her decision!

Taapsee Pannu is brave, strong and holds the film together. The effort that the actress has put in for the portrayal of Amrita definitely shows brightly on the silver screen. Her performance is on-point and we can already claim it as her best movie so far. 

Taapsee was definitely the strongest point of the movie besides its compelling storyline and message, 'Thappad' would have lost its essence without all the supporting actors which include Ratna Pathak Shah, Kumud Mishra, Dia Mirza, Tanvi Azmi, Palvail Gulati, Ram Kapoor, Sushil Dahiya, Geetika Vidya and Naila Grewal. 

While we might be having many Amritas out there, what we need more is that supportive and absolutely loving father, Kumud Mishra acing the role as always. Patriarchy is deep inside the society and that shows other women including her mother, mother-in-law and lawyer make Amrita understand that she is a WOMAN and letting the bygones be bygones is what she should do ideally. 

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Thankfully, she does not listens and follows her self respect and self-worth, giving many others a strong message. 

Anubhav Sinha's direction and storytelling are heartwarming. Simply put, Sinha is just brilliant and a genius. It takes a director like him for making a movie like 'Thappad'. Hats off to each and every cast and crew member. For a society like India, we need more of such strong message-oriented movies and this is definitely a must-watch. 

Ratings: 4/5