Pragya Thakur Tenders Apology In Lok Sabha Over Godse Remark

Publish On: 29 Nov, 2019 11:49 AM | Updated   |   Prateek  

Pragya Singh Thakur the MP of BJP has been in controversy for quite a time now. In a meeting with BJP General Secretary Bhupendra Yadav and BJP's President JP Nadda, Pragya gave a response about her comment.

She made a statement in the Lok Sabha today. Pragya has apologized and said:

"I am sorry if my statements hurt anyone but I would also like to say that my statements were twisted and presented in another manner and this is condemnable. I was tagged as a terrorist. No charges have been proven against me in the court. This is against the law to call me a terrorist without any proof and an attempt to insult me." 


If you don't know what's the controversy is about, let us give you a brief. 

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On Wednesday, in the lower house of the parliament during DMK's member A. Raja's narration about the statement that Nathuram Godse gave in the court about why he killed Mahatma Gandhi. Pragya Singh referred to Godse as a 'Deshbhakt' by interrupting A raja and saying "Deshbhakton ka udharan mat dijiye."  This is what started the controversy. 

To read more about the controversy click here.

As per the sources, Pragya was going to defend herself by saying that she did not use the word "Deshbhakt" for Nathuram Godse and instead she meant it for Udham Singh - a freedom fighter.

Pragya Thakur has tweeted regarding the same. Have a look at it down below:


The tweet reads "Storm of lies becomes so big at times that even day appears to be night but the Sun does not lose its light. People should not be swayed by this storm. Truth is that I did not tolerate the insult to Udham Singh yesterday."

Pragya Thakur's tweet came soon after BJP barred her from the parliamentary party meeting during the ongoing Parliament session.

Let's wait and see and how people perceive it.

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