BJP Continues To Spread Communal Virus And Hatred: Sonia Gandhi

Publish On: 23 Apr, 2020 12:41 PM | Updated   |   Shivalik  

Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi on Thursday lashed out at the BJP alleging that the party is spreading communal virus within the society when the necessity is to take on the deadly coronavirus unitedly, while she applauded the success story of fighting COVID-19.

"When we should be tackling the coronavirus unitedly, the BJP continues to spread the virus of communal prejudice and hatred. Grave damage is being done to our social harmony. Our party will have to work hard to repair the damage." Sonia Gandhi said in the working committee meet.

Sonia Gandhi's allegation comes in the wake of the infamous Palghar incident where two sadhus were lynched by a mob and the section of people which was painted as communal, the truth was contrary to the reality.

She said that the compassion, large-heartedness, and alacrity that ought to be forthcoming from the Central Government is conspicuous by its absence and therefore the focus must still get on successfully engaging with health, food security, and livelihood issues.

Eleven crore people that are in need of subsidized food grains remain outside of the general public Distribution System and 10 kg of food grains, 1 kg of pulses, and half a Kg of sugar to every person of the family monthly must tend, during this hour of crisis. a minimum of 12 crore jobs are lost in the first phase of the lockdown, she said.

Unemployment is probably going to extend further as economic activity remains at a standstill. it's imperative to supply a minimum of Rs 7,500 to every family to bridge over this crisis. Migrant labourers are still stranded, jobless, and wanting to return home, Sonia Gandhi added. 

"While the procurement policies and disrupted supply chains need to be fixed without any delay and facilities must be made available to the farmers for the next round of Kharif crops which will begin in the coming two months," said Sonia.

The MSME sector employs on the brink of 11 crore people today, it's imperative that a special package is announced urgently for his or her survival, Sonia demanded. 

She applauded the doctors, medics and paramedics for the work they're doing within the fight against the virus.