Muslim Neighnours Cremate Hindu During Lockdown

Publish On: 01 Apr, 2020 11:49 AM | Updated   |   Shivalik  

In a heart-warming gesture, a gaggle of Muslim youth came together to perform the last rites of a Hindu man who died on Saturday.

The incident happened in Anand Vihar area and therefore the matter came to light when the family posted a thanksgiving on the social media.

Ravi Shankar, 73, was battling cancer and died on Saturday.

Due to the lockdown, Shankar's relatives stayed faraway from the cremation

The Muslim neighbours of the family came forward and decided to assist the family with the last rites. They not only took out the 'antim-Yatra' while chanting 'Ram-Nam Satya Hai', but also performed the last rites of Shankar with proper Hindu rituals.

"Ravi Shankar was our neighbour and had expired two days back, after which we decided to assist his family. All the Muslims from the locality gathered and brought his body for cremation. After all, humanity is above anything ," one among the neighbours, Mohammad Zubair told reporters on Monday.

The neighbours have also assured the family of all possible help during the lockdown period.

Pramod, the son of the deceased, said: "All our Muslim neighbours helped us with the last rites, everyone was very supportive. We are four siblings and our two sisters are married while me and my brother are left to require care of the family. i will be able to always remain indebted to my Muslim neighbours who stood by us during this hour of crisis."