A Flight Passenger's Weird Stretch Shocks Everyone!

Publish On: 11 Mar, 2020 01:07 PM | Updated   |   Harshita  

NEW DELHI: A picture has gone viral on the social media where a passenger in a flight is seen stretching her legs and putting her bare feet on the seat that was in front of her. 

The picture was noticed by netizens after an Instagram account called Passenger Shaming shared it on its feed. The account calls out to those passengers whose odd and weird behavior disturbs others. 

Sharing the picture, the account captioned it, "Got a real kick out of this one..."

In the picture, the passenger's seat was seen raised in the air and had supported them with the seats in front of her. The other passengers were obviously left in disgust. 

The viral picture got over 18 thousand likes and several comments from people feeling disgusted. 

"This is f**king disgusting and disrespectful in 99 percent of the world. I would never!" wrote a user. 

"Omg I would actually die" and "This is why you don't like plane people", wrote another two. 

A user questioned and wrote "How is this even comfortable? I don't understand!"