WHO Impressed By India's Efforts To Combat COVID-19

Publish On: 17 Mar, 2020 12:42 PM | Updated   |   Sj Desk  

With rising infected cases, India continues to intensify efforts to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus. So far, the country has recorded 125 infected cases and three deaths. 

To halt the community outbreak of the highly contagious COVID-19, the government has ordered for a complete shut down of schools, colleges, gyms, nightclubs, and weekly markets. Travel restrictions are also in place for travellers from the European Union, the European Free Trade Association, Turkey and the United Kingdom from March 18. People from Afghanistan, Philippines, Malaysia are also prohibited to travel to India.

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India's prompt efforts to combat the outbreak were praised by the World Health Organization (WHO). “The commitment from the Indian government and the Prime Minister’s Office has been enormous, very impressive. It is one of the reasons why India is still doing quite well. I am very impressed that everyone has been mobilised,” Henk Bekedam, WHO’s representative to India, was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

“We have very good research capacity in India and especially at ICMR and department of health research. They have been able to identify the virus. Now India will continue to be part of the research community,” he said.

Apart from the 'gau mutra' gang, people are doing their bit by educating others and practising social distancing, which is the only way the spread can be curbed. Several offices are mapping out work from home arrangements for their employees at a crucial time like this. Schools are arranging online classes and people are trying to regulate their lives according to new guidelines. 

We all have to do out bit. Shivalik Journal urges you not to believe unreliable sources and Whatsapp forwards. Please refer to WHO and official guidelines for more details.