Tamil Nadu CM Has Requested Participants From Delhi Meeting To Come Forward

Publish On: 01 Apr, 2020 02:48 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

CHENNAI: Current Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Edapaddi K. Palaniswami has appealed to the participants at the religious conference that got held near Nizamuddin West, Delhi to identify themselves voluntarily so that they can get tested for coronavirus. The rapidly spreading virus has been declared a global pandemic. He also said that if any individuals who went to the recently organised Isha Foundation event are also showing symptoms of the extremely contagious virus should be tested.

Palaniswami on Wednesday, 1 April undertook an inspection at Santhome and ate idli there. He also made sure whether people are following the norms of physical distancing. He interacted with some individuals present at the location who were having food.

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The Tamil Nadu CM said, "Out of nearly 1,300 persons from Tamil Nadu who participated in the meeting in Delhi, 515 ( 2 days ago, he mentioned 981 persons had returned and were being tested) have been identified through different means and they are being tested for COVID-19. Of these, 45 were found positive yesterday. We are trying to trace the remaining participants who returned to the State, but we are not getting their addresses. They should voluntarily come forward considering the intensity of the spread of the virus which will affect not only them but their family and a large number of people in the society."

Medical treatment will be provided to the patients till they make a speedy recovery, said the CM. He also added that in order to recover quickly the virus needs to be detected at the earliest stage. “Many of those who were found positive are recovering,” he mentioned.

On being asked whether all the participants at the celebration in Isha foundation will be tested as there were many foreign nationals, the CM specifically said that only the participants showing any kind of symptom would be subjected to testing. He explained, “In that case (Delhi gathering), they had symptoms. Without symptoms, we will not be able to say anything.”

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Palaniswami also said that Tamil Nadu holds around 17,000 hospital beds as of yet it is sufficient, “If it comes to such a situation (where there is need for more beds), we will definitely use these. (premises being offered)"