Skilled Migrants From Karnataka Get Portals For Employment

Publish On: 07 Jun, 2020 04:35 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

BENGALURU: The Karnataka state government which is known to be tech-savvy has established a portal though which migrants can register for skilled jobs from outside the state, as per an official on Sunday, June 7.

The official said, "The state government has set up the portal for skilled workers, especially migrants from other states across the country or even overseas to register their name and other details to find suitable jobs for them in any industry sector."

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As the COVID-19 pandemic entered India and the nationwide lockdown got initiated, multiple skilled migrant workers had to lose their jobs. The lockdown was announced on March 25 and will continue till June 30. Partial relaxations have been provided until then.

The official of the unit mentioned in a statement, "The Karnataka Skill Development Corporation will assess the migrant workers'' skills and alert them for placement in the sector incommensurate with their domain expertise."

The portal will enable any migrant to register with their details and log in. A section has been provided to mention domain skills which range from processing, masonry, nursing, engineering and so on.

The official revealed, "hough about 3-5 lakh migrants from across the state left for their native place in special buses and trains till date since May 3 due to prolonged lockdown and suspension of public transport service, about a lakh registered on the portal expressing willingness to rejoin in the job of their skills."

Another commendable feature of the portal is that the portal will provide ready to employ skilled in diverse sectors via their database and match them with the data on jobs available all over the industry.

The official also said, "With the resumption of operations gradually keeping in view the social or physical distancing, wearing masks and using sanitisers, demand for jobs will increase when the lockdown is lifted after June 30 and normal life will be restored."

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Deputy Chief Minister CN Ashwath Narayan was the brain behind this newly launched portal. He is also in charge of the skill development department apart from IT, BT science and technology.