Situation Tightens As COVID-19 Cases Hit Close To 400 In India

Publish On: 23 Mar, 2020 10:38 AM | Updated   |   Harshita  

NEW DELHI: The situation surrounding the novel coronavirus keeps on degrading as the total affected cases rise to 396 in India. In the wake of this epidemic, numerous states and cities are entitled to near-total lockdown as a preventive measure. 

On Sunday, two people from Madhya Pradesh were tested positive taking the toll to six in the state. Andhra Pradesh reported its first case of the disease through local transmission when a 49-year-old man came in contact with a 65-year-old infected man. 

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Karnataka had six confirmed positive cases for COVID-19 on Sunday and reached the number of 26 so far whereas Kerela's count mounts to 64 as 15 positive cases were spurt on the day. 

On 22nd March, the whole country experienced Janata curfew after the appeal of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday. The roads were empty as the people all over India diligently followed the curfew so as to fight the novel COVID-19. In the midst of the curfew, several cities and states went under lockdown with the main motive of stopping the spread of this deadly disease and sanitize the various parts of the country that are affected majorly. 

During the Janata curfew at 5 pm, India also observed something that it had never seen. The people united and expressed gratitude to all those fighters, who have endangered their lives to save ours, by clapping or through utensils and conch. 

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India has reported six deaths by far due to the pandemic, one each in Bihar, Delhi, Karnataka, Punjab and two in Maharashtra. So, in order to not letting this 396 count surge anymore, we all have to maintain social distancing, stay at our respective homes, practice good hygiene and follow these orders of lockdown.