Rajgarh Collector Nidhi Nivedita Hits Headlines Again For Slapping A Cop

Publish On: 07 Feb, 2020 09:53 AM | Updated   |   Harshita  

RAJGARH: Nidhi Nivedita has again hit the headlines for slapping a sub-inspector after district police leaked an inquiry report against her. Previously, she was in the news for allegedly slapping an anti-CAA protestor while being in the BJP's pro CAA rally in the town of Biaora.

In an apparent case of IAS vs IPS battle, the police department leaked a report of an investigation conducted by the Deputy Superintendent of Police that "established" the Collector slapped an elderly ASI.

The DG police was reported to have recommended action against the collector on Wednesday evening.

Home Minister Bala Bachchan even told the media that after an inquiry report is received, he would against the collector.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Kamal Nath is said to have questioned the senior officers on how a DSP-level officer could be asked to investigate an issue related to the Collector.

If the investigation had to be conducted, the Chief Secretary should have been talked to.

On the other hand, on the letter of the DGP written about the action on the Collector, Bala Bachchan who talked about action against the collector changed the tone by evening and denied having received any recommendation from the DGP.

Police spokesman Ashutosh Singh had also talked about an investigation report having been sent to the government.

The police officials who have been opposing the collector said the letter would boost the confidence of the police field staff. The Collector and her deputy were assaulted by the protesters during a rally on January 19.

The police did not act effectively against the BJP rallyists who defied the prohibitory orders under section 144. The collector had also referred to the lack of pro-active policing during the protests.

The BJP now has a legal handle to corner the government over the slapping of an ASI. The opposition has been trying to build a case against the collector for being temperamental and unfit for her position.

Rajgarh District President of BJP Dilbar Yadav has said that the complaint of the case has also been made in the Personnel Department. A group of our MPs have reached Delhi and complained to the Personnel Department about the slapping of activists.

Former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan tweeted on Wednesday asking Kamal Nath to act against the Rajgarh collector now that there is enough proof of her physical assault against the ASI.

BJP state president Rakesh Singh also said the government should immediately punish the collector.