Pro-CAA Campaign Of RSS Gathers Momentum In Prayagraj

Publish On: 03 Feb, 2020 11:22 AM | Updated   |   Harshita  

PRAYAGRAJ: The Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) has stepped up to show its support to the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and counter the anti-CAA protests. Only three weeks are left for Magh Mela to conclude and that is why RSS's campaign is gathering a lot of momentum here. 

Over 800 RSS volunteers have stepped out in support of the pro-CAA campaign among Mela visitors, saints, seers and devotees to brief them about the benefits of the law. The volunteers are taking out massive campaigns at Sangam, kalpwasi camps, camps of prominent seers and saints and other sectors.

Over one lakh pamphlets have been distributed in the Mela township till now and an equivalent number will be distributed in the coming days.

Kishan Chandra, RSS pracharak, said, "Around 800 active volunteers are working on the pro-CAA campaign, especially on the bathing days when the crowds swell."

He added, "We have divided the entire Mela campus into six sectors and a total of 110 groups have been engaged to connect with people. The aim of the campaign was to clear misunderstandings over the CAA."

The RSS functionary further said that volunteers from 300 'basti' (a basti forms on the population of 10,000) had participated in the campaign.

He added that a total 110 groups of volunteers had connected with over one lakh people and briefed them about the importance of the CAA.

The pamphlet explains the need for CAA, claiming that Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Christians and Parsis, on the other side of the borders, were continuously facing atrocities after partition and fleeing to India for the past seven decades.

The pamphlets that bear the photograph of Mahatma Gandhi cite his views that every Hindu and Sikh residing in Pakistan could come to India if they do not wish to live in Pakistan and it is the responsibility of the Indian government to offer them a normal life.