PM Modi Addresses The Matter Of Lockdown Extension After An All-Party Meet

Publish On: 08 Apr, 2020 05:09 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

NEW DELHI: Narendra Modi, nation's prime minister has hinted at virtually excluded the idea of lifting the national lockdown towards next week in his all-party meeting, which was scheduled to happen over video conferencing today. The Prime minister also mentioned that there is an enormous constraint on resources and also that India is one of the very few countries which still has the situation under control. However, no official declaration was given.

He also elaborated how the national lockdown is the only way of protecting the people from getting affected. He said, "I am regularly talking to CMs, districts and experts. Nobody is telling me to lift the lockdown. We need strict rules to maintain social distancing. We have to take many unexpected steps too."

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He also added how no member from the party was in favour of lifting the lockdown, "Nobody is saying that lockdown should be lifted. I will again talk to the CMs. But as of now, the mood is that entire lockdown lifting is not possible. We are also talking at district levels. For us, lockdown is the only way to save our people." This is for the first time Modi has officially stated that the lockdown can't be lifted anytime soon.

Modi also regarded the recently held as successful and mentioned that the positive attitude present during the meeting impressed him and it will help the nation in fighting against the pandemic, "Your assurances will go a long way to strengthen our democracy. This type of cooperative efforts is a necessary requirement in fighting this challenge," he said.

Modi's strategy was also underlined by him, "In this given situation and available resources, we will go ahead with optimum utilization. In this situation, the government is talking to as many people as possible. I am regularly talking to the CMs. I have taken their suggestions and also spoken to other people of the society." He also expressed gratitude when he said, "I want to thank the state governments once again. The Centre and states are working in tandem keeping in mind the requirements and that is the reason that the states, the centre and the political parties are working together without any prejudice."

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The PM also used the opportunity to express how this is a global crisis, "The wealthiest of the nations and the most modern systems have fallen before this deadly virus. There’s no country which can fight alone and that is one of the reasons, there is immense pressure on resources. We have been trying to make quick decisions and today India is one of the few countries in the world where the spread of this virus is still under control. We also have to keep in mind that every day, situations are changing. So, all countries are banking on social distancing and lockdown. These are the only two ways to tackle corona,” he concluded.