Passengers Slam Pragya Thakur For Delaying Flight

Publish On: 23 Dec, 2019 04:12 PM | Updated   |   Sj Desk  

'Exemplary leadership' is unknown territory for BJP MP Pragya Thakur who recently got slammed by SpiceJet co-passengers for delaying the flight over a seating issue. A video of the incident is doing the rounds on social media where troubled passengers can be heard confronting the terror-accused member of Parliament for causing inconvenience. 

In the video, people are reminding her that as a people’s representative and "leader" her job is not to “trouble them”. One passenger questioned the MP and her team's professionalism. Thakur is then heard saying: “I said it at the beginning itself -- show me your rulebook -- If I don’t feel comfortable, I will go.”

When prompted to "take the next flight", the entitled MP says that there must be a reason why she is traveling on a flight with no "first-class" and no "facilities" to which a man retorts “first class is not her right.”

She says “Mera right First class hai (My right is of first-class)"

“You should have that moral compass that even if one person is getting troubled because of you, you should own up because you are the leader. You are not ashamed that you have held 50 people at ransom,” the man tells her.

The argument escalates further and Pragya asks the man to mind his language to which the man says that he is talking with love and respect. 

Netizens soon started supporting the man for taking a strong stand against a terror-accused MP "clearly abusing her power".

Pragya Thakur often makes it to the headlines, not for her political endeavors, but for her controversial statements. She has received flak previously for calling Nathuram Godse- the assassinator of Gandhi a 'patriot'. She is also laughed at for her belief in cow urine and its ability to cure cancer. 

After the whole incident, Pragya Thakur filed a complaint with the Bhopal Airport Director for not getting allotted the seat that she had originally booked in a SpiceJet flight. She also alleged that the conduct of the airline crew with her was not right.

Issuing a clarification on the accusation, the air carrier released an official statement: “SpiceJet had the privilege to have Pragya Thakur on board SpiceJet flight SG 2498 (Delhi-Bhopal) on December 21. She had pre-booked seat 1A and had come to the airport in her own wheelchair. The Delhi-Bhopal flight is operated by Bombardier Q400 aircraft (78 seats). On this aircraft, the first row is the emergency row seat and is not allocated to passengers on wheelchairs."

On an unrelated note, if only cows could fly!