Partial Relaxation In Karnataka Begins From Today

Publish On: 23 Apr, 2020 04:31 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

BENGALURU: Karnataka is going to be one of the states from the country to get a partial exemption since the national lockdown got extended. This excludes the areas which have been marked as hotspots and containment centres, as per a local official.

He said, "As notified, the 19-day extended lockdown has been partially relaxed to mitigate hardship to the people and revive the economic activity to sustain growth."

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This partial relaxation on the 9th day has led to reopening of hotels for the purpose of parcel service, agricultural and marketing committee (APMC) yards trading, essential products being delivered online, other necessary services like the production of tiles, cement, bricks and steels, roadside eateries and courier services being open.

The official didn't fail to mention, "As the IT-BT (information technology-biotech) remain shut till the lockdown ends on May 3 and the employees work from home, staff for essential services reported to work at offices."

The official also confirmed that hundreds of people were getting out of their houses as soon as the partial exemption got declared. However, the movement of the public is being controlled and regulated to prevent road congestion and crowing in places as per the physical and social distancing norms. 

"Lockdown continues to be strictly enforced in COVID-19 hotspots and containment zones with additional deployment of police personnel and enhanced vigil," the official said.

Roadblocks and even barricades have been kept in the regions which aren't meant to be gone to. This is to ensure that people stay at home and don't begin vehicular movement. 

The official mentioned how tech is being used to be more observant and vigilant, "As all areas can't be manned or policed, drones are being used in Bengaluru and Mysuru to keep a vigil on lockdown violators and seize vehicles trespassing barricades."

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In the entire state consisting of 30 districts, there are 13 red zones where there are 12-91 positive cases, 8 orange zones with 1-11 cases and 11 green spots with no cases since March began.