More Than 1 Lakh PPE Kits Getting Manufactured Daily: Health Ministry

Publish On: 25 Apr, 2020 05:46 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

NEW DELHI: The Union Health Ministry has revealed that over 1 lakh personal protective equipment or PPE kits and masks of the N95 kind are being developed on an everyday basis in the country. The production of ventilators have also begun and there are already orders for over 59,000 units by 9 manufacturers.

An important meeting by the ministry with the GoM or group of ministers was conducted regarding the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. It was said that the aforementioned domestic manufacturers are developing PPE kits, face masks, etc on a wide level. It is also now available in adequate quantities now.

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In a statement released by the ministry, it was mentioned, "As on date, more than 1 lakh PPE kits and N95 masks are being manufactured every day in the country. There are at present 104 domestic manufactures of PPE kits while three manufacturers are making N95 masks in the country. In addition, production of ventilators vide domestic manufacturers have also started and orders have been placed for more than 59,000 units through nine manufacturers."

The statement also contained that the death rate by the virus in India is at 3.1 %, whereas the recovery rate from the virus is more than 20%. These figures appear quite positive if compared with other countries. It can be said that the national lockdown has had a positive impact on the entire country as it initiated the cluster management system and containment strategy.

The statement read, "The average doubling rate in India is 9.1 days as of now. So far 5,062 people have been cured with a recovery rate of 20.66 per cent. Since Friday, 1,429 new cases have been reported. So far a total of 24,506 people have been confirmed positive for COVID-19."

Apart from this Health Minister, Harsh Vardhan has also said that an amendment of the Epidemic Act, 1897 has been publicised with very strict provisions. It has been initiated to stop the stigmas and stereotypes associated with discriminating amongst patients and frontline healthcare workers.

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The minister said, "This is not only their fight but our collective effort. They are our frontline warriors and as a nation, let us not only respect their contributions but also ensure that their safety and dignity are protected."