Mohammed Shahrukh's Family Goes Missing; Police Searching For Absconders

Publish On: 02 Mar, 2020 03:45 PM | Updated   |   Harshita  

NEW DELHI: The family of Mohammed Shahrukh is missing and the Delhi police are in search of the absconders.  Shahrukh was the person who opened fire in the recent Delhi riots in front of a police constable. 

Now, the police are looking for Shahrukh, his family and the AAP councilor Tahir Hussain who has been accused of the murder of the IB officer and participating in the violence in the northeast part of Delhi. Several inflammable objects including acid and petrol bombs were found in the house of AAP's councilor. 

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A Joint Commissioner level officer of Delhi Police, who wanted to remain anonymous, said, "Arrests of Shahrukh and Tahir are very crucial for us. Both could prove vital links in the investigation."

Delhi police have recovered big diesel and petrol cans from streets as well as from houses. Chilly powder packets in thousand numbers have also been recovered. Besides,20-20 kg of glass marbles and iron nails have also been found. The officer said that these things were being used to make petrol bombs. 

Another investigating officer, who is a part of the Special Investigation Team that has been formed to probe the violence, said, "Catapults, made indigenously, were found installed on the roofs of many houses in Jafrabad and Mustafabad. It is expected that these catapults were used to throw petrol, acid and chilly bombs 100 meters away."

So far, around 200 FIRs have been lodged out of which 40 were under murder related sections. All these FIRs include charges of arms act, instigating violence, causing harm to government property, attempt to murder and obstructing govt's work. 

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Around a thousand people have been arrested until now in the violence-related incidents.