Mann Ki Baat: PM Modi Says Battle Against The Virus Is People Driven

Publish On: 26 Apr, 2020 01:48 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

NEW DELHI: Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India, addressed the country in his radio programme 'Mann Ki Baat', which runs on a monthly basis. In the recent edition, the Prime Minister emphasised upon how this ongoing battle against the novel coronavirus is 'people-driven'. 

He said, "In the middle of this pandemic, the farmers are ensuring that no one sleeps hungry in our country. Each person is fighting this war as per their own capacity. Some are waiving off house rent, also some labourers who are in quarantine at a school are whitewashing the school among others."

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PM Modi also emphasised upon the importance of a mask on a daily basis amidst these dire times, "It doesn’t mean that all of those who are wearing are sick. Masks will become a new symbol of a civilised society. If you want to protect yourself and others from the disease, the use of a mask is important.”

The recent injustice and violence against the healthcare workers was also assessed by the Prime Minister and he mentioned, "Strict laws have been introduced to ensure action against those attacking the health workers. Health staff including, doctors, nurses, paramedics are the frontline fighters in this war against COVID-19. Hence such a step was necessary for their protection."

The state governments in the country were also appreciated for their continuous efforts to keep things in check in order to flatten the curve of increasing cases,  "I commend the State Governments for their proactive role in dealing with COVID19 pandemic. Also, people are getting aware about the harmful effects of spitting in public. Such habits should go now."

PM Modi also talked about the festival of Ramzan and said, "This Ramzan, we should pray more than before to ensure that before Eid the world gets rid of this coronavirus. I am sure we will strengthen this fight by following orders of the local administration."

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The lockdown has continued for a period of more than a month so that the spread of coronavirus can be contained. There are now 26,496 cases and 824 deaths, as per the latest data.