Kamal Haasan Hails 'Friend' Rajinikanth Over Comments On Delhi Violence

Publish On: 27 Feb, 2020 11:02 AM | Updated   |   Harshita  

CHENNAI: Actor and politician South superstar Kamal Haasan hailed his contemporary Rajinikanth over his criticism of the Central government regarding Delhi violence. 

Rare are those times when legend Rajinikanth attacks the BJP-led center and now when he did, Kamal Haasan has welcomed his criticism and termed it as the right path. In a tweet in the Tamil language, the 'Indian 2' actor wrote, "Shabash, my friend Rajini. That's the way. This is a good path. It's not a path for just one person, but a royal path for an entire community. Welcome, and congratulations."

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Haasan referred to Rajinikanth's popular punchline "En vazhi thani vazhi" which translates to "My path is a unique path". The dialogue is from Rajini's hit movie 'Padayappa'.

Delhi has been burning as there was a clash of pro and anti-CAA people. The death toll has risen to 32 and is expected to be even more if some measure is not taken. When asked about the same, the 'Robot' star owed it as the fault of the Central government. 

He said, "Definitely it is Central government's intelligence failure. I strongly condemn the Central government. They should have been so careful when the US President [Donald] Trump had visited [the country]. The intelligence didn't do its job properly. It [violence] should have been completely crushed with an iron fist. We expect them to be careful at least from now on."

Not naming anybody, Rajini said that they should resign and go if the violence could not be crushed with an iron fist. He said, "With an iron fist, this should be crushed, else [they] should resign and go..what is this..it is becoming too much."

He further said that the situation would not have reached this, has the violence been nipped in the bud by the Central as well as the State government, referring to the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). 

The actor said that he would definitely stand with those who are affected by the new citizenship law.

The actor will be facing the next year's Assembly election in Tamil Nadu and has urged the media to play a constructive role in such terrible times. 

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He further bashed the politicians as well as the individuals whose provocative speeches instigate people as they mention religion. He added that this should be dealt with firm else it would be difficult in the future.