India Has More Than 46,000 Total COVID-19 Cases Now; Death Toll At 1,494

Publish On: 05 May, 2020 09:53 AM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

NEW DELHI: India observed the highest spike in the number of novel coronavirus cases on Monday, 4 May as 3,861 new cases got reported during a single day. Hence, the total tally of the nation crossed the 46,000. It was also for the first time that the number of fatalities in a single day also came out in triple digits i.e. 101 deaths got reported that day. 

Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, both the states reported the most cases from yesterday. Tamil Nadu reported 527 cases, whereas Maharashtra had reported 1,567 people of getting affected by the virus. In these regions, the tally on that day was double than the number of cases reported 2 days ago.

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The number of cases increased on the very same when the country entered the third phase of the national lockdown and exemptions got provided in certain parts for the first time since the lockdown got announced on the evening of March 24th, in order to flatten the curve of the rising COVID-19 cases.

Joint Secretary representing the Union Health Ministry mentioned at a recent daily briefing, "We are transitioning into a new normal and we need to be aware and vigilant... Everyone must strictly follow social distancing practices even outside the containment zones."

Agarwal also mentioned the improvement in the recovery rates of the people who had been a victim of the COVID-19 infection. As per him, 27.5% out of the total tally of the cases have made a proper recovery. 

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He elaborated, "A record number – 1,074 – people recovered from the disease in the 24 hours between Sunday and Monday. The outcome ratio of Covid-19 -- the ratio of recoveries and deaths -- was now at 90:10. The outcome ratio on April 17 was 80:20 and the new ratio can be seen as an improvement."