After Delhi Violence, Protests Erupt In Hyderabad

Publish On: 26 Feb, 2020 10:32 AM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

HYDERABAD: Protests took place in the region of Hyderabad following the censure of Delhi violence and supposed collusion of the police department of the capital during the night of 25 February 2020 i.e. yesterday.

The resident of the city became part of the candle-light vigil that covered the areas of Seven Tombs Road, Yakutpura, Toli Chowki and King Koti.

Slogans regarding brutality by the police department and being against NRC, CAA and NPR occurred during the protest. Some even carried signs.

Hyderabad police managed to thwart the candle-light march from Necklace Road, the locality is situated near the Husain Sagar lake, which is considered to be the centre of the city.

After the involvement of Hyderabad’s police which stationed the area, the road was left abandoned despite a few activists organising a march regarding the aforementioned issues. The desolation of the road occurred before 9:00 pm.

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Anjani Kumar, Police Commissioner from Hyderabad demanded from the public to remain vigilant and act as one so that no malicious individual tries to benefit from the troubling reports from the country’s capital. He said, “Our Patrol cars and Bike patrols are your closest friend. Don't allow rumour-mongering. Take pride in our beautiful city Hyderabad.”

The request was also made to the media houses in order to not showcase violent visuals from the capital region. He mentioned, “It disturbs the mind of common peace-loving people. These are testing times for all of us and we all have to work together and ensure that mischief-makers do not take advantage.”