COVID-19 Updates: Count Surges To 562 As India Enters Lockdown For 21 Days!

Publish On: 25 Mar, 2020 11:20 AM | Updated   |   Harshita  

NEW DELHI: The total number of reported positive cases for the novel coronavirus reaches 562 so far, according to the Health Ministry, with the death toll rising to 9. If we compare the numbers to the numbers that were five days ago, the cases have been more than tripled. 

Previously, it was reported that 10 people have lost their lives due to the infectious disease. However, the Health Ministry, in a notification on Wednesday, cleared that the second death reported in the national capital was COVID-19 negative. 

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Maharashtra and Kerela are the most-effected states with more than 100 positive cases. 

In his second address to the nation on COVID-19 on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi imposed a nationwide complete lockdown for 21 days so as to break the chain of the virus and prevent the spreading.

"If we listen to the health experts we know that 21 days are crucial to break the cycle of transmission. For a few days forget what it means to go out. Today’s decision of a nationwide lockdown draws a line outside your home," said the PM. 

With a total of five cases for the disease on March 2, we have come to 562 cases in just 23 days. That is why it is crucial to follow these lockdowns otherwise the number would keep on increasing and the situation will keep on worsening in the country. 

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So, stay inside your home, practice social distancing, the more you follow this diligently, the faster we all will able to stop the chain of the novel coronavirus.