COVID-19: Over 7,000 Positive Cases Now With 239 Deaths In The Nation

Publish On: 11 Apr, 2020 09:36 AM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

NEW DELHI: The total number of positive coronavirus cases crossed the 7,000 mark on Friday i.e. 10 April 2020 with approximately 239 deaths. Various places like Delhi and Mumbai reported more positive cases from the virus. Meanwhile, Punjab has become the second state which decided to extend the lockdown till 30 April 2020. This happened a day before Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister held a meeting with the chief ministers about the ongoing crisis.

The Union Home Ministry got in contact with various state governments to discuss the situation of the currently ongoing national lockdown. It was also discussed whether more group of individuals and services need to be released, as per the officials on Friday, 10 April since there is a possibility of the lockdown getting extended by two more weeks, to flatten the curve of the rising cases.

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Many states like Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Jammu & Kashmir reported rapidly growing cases. The Union Health Ministry claimed that on Thursday, i.e. 9 April there was only a 0.2% rise in the growing cases as over 16,000 samples got tested. The total number of cases in India stands at 7,049 with around 239 deaths. However, more than 650 individuals have also recovered from the life-threatening virus.

Maharashtra has 1,385 cases with 97 deaths, Tamil Nadu is around 900 cases, Delhi also has more than 700 cases meanwhile Rajasthan is at 500, as both Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh have more than 400 individuals in their states who have been affected by the Novel Coronavirus.

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The Health Ministry is quite certain that India has not reached the community transmission stage yet. Whereas, WHO, the World Health Organisation put India in the category of 'cluster of cases', which is one level below the community transmission stage. It is also a category which is used by the global body for cases, known as "clustered in time, geographic location and/or by common exposures".