COVID-19: India Now Has 3072 Affected Patients And 75 Deaths

Publish On: 05 Apr, 2020 10:02 AM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

NEW DELHI: As the Union Health Ministry reported that total coronavirus cases rose to 525 in just 24 hours, the total number of current cases in India increased to 3,374 with a death toll of 77. The government also notified that out of all the affected patients, 213 have already been cured and discharged.

In the state of Rajasthan, 25 new cases have been reported. Out of these, 12 were attendees of Tablighi Jamaat and one was an evacuee from Iran living in Jaisalmer. The total number of cases in Rajasthan is now 205. There are 45 individuals out of the total number of affected people who were Jamaat members, as per the health officials.

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A 29-year-old man from Odisha also tested COVID-19 positive. The total state tally is now 21, in terms of affected people. The health department also made a Tweet saying, "One asymptomatic 29-year-old man of Kalahandi district has tested positive for COVID-19 today. He has travel history to Bahrain." 

In Maharashtra, 6 more people lost their lives to the virus and the cases got increased by 145. Total cases in the state are now 635, as per health authorities. Out of the 6 departed, one each belonged to Amravati and Thane. One of the patients was 53-year-old with asthma, while another was 70. Another 43-year-old also suffered from ischemic heart disease, diabetes, and lung disease. Whereas, another affected 57-year-old suffered from diabetes and hypertension.

Another 75 people from Uttar Pradesh were detected to be coronavirus positive in the last 24 hours. The total tally of affected individuals in the state is now at 257. It was also revealed that out of the total cases, 98 are connected to the Tablighi Jamaat congregation.

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It was revealed by the ministry that out of the total COVID-19 positive cases prevalent in India, at least 33% of it is linked to the Tablighi Jamaat event from Nizamuddin, Delhi.