COVID-19 Cases Rise To 14,378 And 480 Deaths

Publish On: 18 Apr, 2020 09:55 AM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

NEW DELHI: As per the figures released by the Union Health Ministry, the coronavirus has infiltrated around 14,378 individuals by now. As 28 deaths got reported on Saturday, 18 April i.e. today, the death toll due to the virus is now at 480.

Around 20 officials from the Indian Navy were found to be COVID019 positive. This incident has created a worrisome environment within the military. The infected people from the navy have been admitted to a hospital called INHS Asvini, situated in Colaba, Mumbai. The outbreak was caused in a shore-based support establishment, INS Angre, as per two navy officials.

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Out of the total cases, 1,766 individuals have recovered, while one has migrated and 76 are foreign nationals. The total number of active cases in India is 11,616.

Maharashtra is the state which has been the most affected as 118 individuals tested positive recently, now it has 3,320 total cases. Apart from this, 7 deaths were also reported on Friday, 17 April. The state's death toll is at 201, as per state health officials.

A total number of 32 deaths have been reported since Thursday evening with Rajasthan having 8, Maharashtra at 7, Delhi observed 6, Madhya Pradesh is at 4, West Bengal has 3, 2 were from Gujarat and in states of Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh, there were 1 each.

Out of the total death toll, Madhya Pradesh has had 57, Gujarat and Delhi, both are 38 each and Telangana is at 18.

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Other states like Assam, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Meghalaya and Odisha have reported one death each.