Alarmed Passengers Force Woman To Get Off Train In Karnataka

Publish On: 02 Jun, 2020 05:34 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

BENGALURU: Due to the lack of awareness regarding travel norms on railways, a female traveller was forced to get down from a train midway through her journey. The alarming situation arose after nearby passengers of the train went into a frenzy after noticing a stamp on her knuckle, mistaking it for being a quarantine stamp, as per an official on Tuesday, June 2.

An official from the SWR (South Western Railway) stated, "Many passengers on the train with the woman raised a hue and cry on seeing her stamped and complained to the TTE. She was later disembarked at Tumkur."

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The lady was supposed to travel from Bengaluru to Belagavi as a 'transit passenger'. Hence, her status as a transit passenger was stamped on her knuckle.

Unfortunately, fellow travellers on the train noticed her stamp and thought she is violating quarantine norms.

Eventually, without realizing that the woman will be quarantined after reaching her destination, passengers created chaos and complained about the matter to a TT inspector.

The official mentioned, "Following the public pressure, she was forcibly disembarked in Tumkur station."

Incidentally, it is allowed for transit passengers to travel via railway.

The official added, "The TTE would not have been aware of the rules and must have yielded to the passengers."

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Luckily, arrangements were made and the woman was allowed to board another train and reach her actual destination.