2 Officials Injured As Public Attacks Assam Police Amidst Lockdown

Publish On: 28 Mar, 2020 12:23 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

GUWAHATI: The Assam Police has been facing severe repercussions from the public following the alleged arbitrary behaviour by the cops while trying to enforce lockdown norms amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Two incidents were reported from different places of lower Assam, one being the Dhubri district, while the other was from the Bongaigaon district. They took place on Friday (27 March 2020) and Saturday i.e. today (28 March 2020). The police who were trying to close market places and shops got attacked by the people.

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A crowd from Phalimari Bazar attacked two policemen belonging to the Chapar station in Dhubri. The gathering of nearly 300 people, despite the strict lockdown imposed by the government, ended up severely injuring the said police officials on Friday. One got hit with sticks while the other official, who was trying to protect him got bricks thrown on his head. They were later hospitalised but are now in a stable condition.

Today morning, a team of police officials was again attacked by a gathering of vendors and buyers at Bongaigaon as they were being stopped from opening their shops located in Bodi Bazar.

Singha Ram Mili the superintendent of Bongaigaon Police gave a statement, "When the police team was returning after closing the shops, people pelted stones at them. We fired a few rounds in the air to disperse the crowd and the situation is now under control. No one was injured."

An FIR has been lodged by the police for numerous individuals who were a part of these 2 incidents.

ADGP (Law and Order) GP Singh, said regarding the incident, "It’s a difficult situation. This particular lockdown is for the safety of the public. Despite these incidents, our morale is high and will continue to remain so. I am touring both places on Saturday to take stock of the situation."

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"We have been tasked to implement the lockdown and we can’t back off from that. In course of that if people resort to violence, we will also have to take action as per law," he added.