2 IAS Officers Suspended And 2 Others Face Charges For Lockdown Violation

Publish On: 30 Mar, 2020 01:01 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

NEW DELHI: Two Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Officers from the Delhi government have been suspended and two more executives are facing action for charges of violating the national lockdown orders in Delhi initiated by the government over the past few days.

Rajeev Verma, an IAS Officer from the 1992 batch, who was a Principal Secretary, Finance and Renu Sharma from the 1988 batch who was the Additional Chief Secretary (Transport) in the city government have now been suspended.

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As per the suspension orders, the Union home ministry's qualified authority was of the view that the national lockdown protocols were violated which have been imposed in the country to flatten the curve and control the growth of coronavirus.

It was further revealed in the order that the home ministry mentioned that the officers failed to show absolute sincerity and commitment towards the duty required during these tough times. It also added that the government intends to take severe actions for initiating major penalties against the two individuals.

The two other officials who are also facing the charges are government's Additional Chief Secretary, Home and Land Building and the Sub Divisional Magistrate of Seelampur.

Officials have not yet emphasised upon the actual nature of the charges against the 4 officials who are in deep waters. There however have been hints that it is majorly connected to the arrangements made by DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation) to send off the migratory labours from different parts of the country capital to the state border of Delhi UP in the last 2 days.

Since the past few days, many migrant labourers have been turning up at the Delhi-UP border in hopes of going home. A video conference meeting was organised with the states where Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba and Home Secretary AK Bhalla discussed the aforementioned matter of migrant labourers.

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A state warning has also been issued by the home ministry that states, "This is a violation of the lockdown measures on maintaining social distance." The order by the Centre also reminded states to "seal " all the district and state borders to stop the migrant workers from being on the move. A 14 day quarantine period has also been prescribed by the Centre to the workers who have already reached their hometown.