Twitterati Not Happy With Sonu Nigam As Old Tweet Resurfaces

Publish On: 21 Apr, 2020 03:17 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

MUMBAI: Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam has apparently landed himself in some deep trouble as he is being called out over a tweet he made almost 3 years ago. The netizens are beyond furious.

Nigam had made a tweet regarding the Muslim call to prayer. It was the year 2017, and the singer was living in India ( he is in Dubai amidst the pandemic), he made shocking and controversial comments about "forced religion" and the noise coming from the loudspeakers near home during the call to prayer. The singer said it disturbed his "morning sleep". The tweet has now come into attention again and the artist is facing a massive backlash.

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Back when the tweet was recent, it was seen as 'Islamophobic' and netizens didn't take it too well.

Now that the tweet has resurfaced many users are appealing to the Dubai Police to take strict action against the star as he is stranded in Dubai due to the national lockdown going on in India.

Nigam willingly took the decision to stay in UAE as his son also studies here. He didn't want to go back to India and put his father's life at risk during this dire circumstance. 

Netizens have screenshots of the tweet made by the singer and they are re-posting it and gathering more attention. Nigam had quit twitter since the controversy.

On being asked he had previously said, "I quit Twitter because it became a nuisance more than any assistance. Anybody has the right to say anything to anyone. For instance, I am talking to you now on the phone, but if I start abusing you I can be punished for it. You will write about me being bad-mouthed and question what my parents taught me… I will pay for it. But how do these guys go scot-free?"

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Currently, while being stranded in Dubai, Sonu has been performing for his fans still, but virtually in order to spread positivity during these dark times.