Taapsee Pannu's 'Thappad' Aims At Changing Society's Thought Process

Publish On: 27 Feb, 2020 04:03 PM | Updated   |   Harshita  

MUMBAI: You would have heard of Sonakshi Singa's famous dialogue "thappad se darr nahi lagta" and Sanjay Dutt's "ek gaal pe thappad maaro, dusra gaal aage kar do", right? Well if you are actually of this mindset then Taapsee Pannu's 'Thappad' is only for you!

From sending the message that "no means no" in 'Pink', Taapsee is all set to send across another strong message that says that violence even in the smallest form is not acceptable at all. While being at the Hindustan Times Imagine fest in Delhi on Sunday, Taapsee and her 'Thappad' director Anubhav Sinha talked about their upcoming movie. 

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Wanting to change society's mindset and challenge the dialogues presented by Bollywood, Taapsee said, "We are trying to question these things, ‘ek gaal pe thappad maaro, dusra gaal aage kar do’ and ‘thappad se dar nahi lagta’ with our film and want the audience to start questioning them as well."

When asked if Pannu has ever slapped a person out of rage, she said, "I didn’t have the courage in the beginning, and when I got the courage, the human in me probably didn’t let me do that."

Taapsee is playing the role of Amrita in the movie 'Thappad' and both of them are completely opposite to each other. On the contrasting characters and on shedding her original firebrand image, Taapsee said, "Our effort was to get rid of the firebrand image in the film to make sure that Amrita stands out and you don’t see Taapsee in her. Because that what sets us apart. Amrita is a strong woman but not a firebrand. I am more of an impulsive person who would retort immediately, Amrita would not. People should forget that about me while watching Thappad."

'Thappad' is the story of a woman who takes a firm decision of divorcing her husband after he slaps her in anger. To everybody, it was just a slap, but for Amrita, the incident reminded her of every injustice that she has faced in the entire span of her married life.

The movie will be releasing on 28th February. 

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