Sonakshi Sinha Reveals Her Post Lockdown Plans!

Publish On: 06 Apr, 2020 12:15 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

MUMBAI: Actress Sonakshi Sinha is hoping for the coronavirus crisis to finish soon and says she would really like to dive into the ocean once all of this is over.

The actress talked all about her wishes with a post to celebrate getting 19 million followers on Instagram.

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"After eight days of social media distancing, diving right into it to thank all 19 million of you for following me. This video is a throwback and also what I'd wish to do once all this is over," Sonakshi wrote on Instagram alongside a video.


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Sonakshi shared a video, which seems to be from among one of her vacations. As displayed in the clip, she is seen jumping into the water and appears happy.

Recently, the actress shared her marriage plans with fans when a number of of them showed interest in her personal life during an interaction on social media.

It happened when Sonakshi put out a message on Instagram for a question and answer session with fans, titled 'Ask Sonakshi'.

Soon, fans were shooting off questions like, 'When you're going to get married' and if she would 'marry her husband name' (meaning, if she would take her husband's name after marriage).

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To the last question, the actress wittily quipped: "No will marry full husband not just his name". She added: "Kaha pe milta hai yeh? Where can I get it? Koi bata do? Itni chinta toh mummy papa ko bhi nahi rehti'." (Where do I buy one? Someone tell me? Even my parents don't worry this much)