Salman Khan Slams Lockdown Violators!

Publish On: 16 Apr, 2020 05:27 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

MUMBAI: Bollywood's "Dabangg" star has released a really serious message for those that have violated the COVID-19 lockdown.

Salman took to Instagram, where he shared a 10-minute, hard-hitting video speaking about the Corona Warriors, who are putting themselves in danger so as to guard the state. He also spoke about people that are putting everyone's life at jeopardy by going out during the lockdown.

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The clip starts with Salman's signature "Bigg Boss" welcome. The actor then shared that he's stuck in his farmhouse, where he came to vacation for 2 days and ended up staying together with his mother Salma Khan and his two sisters once the lockdown was imposed.

"I have my entire family here. My mother and sisters alongside their kids are here. we've made a rule that those that are here cannot leave and nobody can come in. Only go out to shop for groceries," he said in Hindi.


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Salman then strictly mentioned the government's stern order to follow the lockdown rules, including staying reception and slammed those that are stepping out amid the lockdown.

He also talked about empathising with those that are COVID-19 positive.

"Not understanding the plight of the ones who are positive is 'anti-insaniyat'," he said.

"People who test positive soon understand that they had to stay safe. those who are negative and not keeping safe will soon become positive. That's a guarantee. Then, they're going to transmit it to their families and to the whole country," he added.

He said that those that wish to place their families to risk should definitely exit.

"You want to cut back the population of India? Starting together with your own family?" he said within the clip.

He then questioned those that aren't taking note of the govt.

"If your actions were right then this lockdown would have ended by now, and therefore the coronavirus too. If you weren't too busy going out with friends, police wouldn't have hit with canes. does one think the police is enjoying it?" he admonished.

Salman also gave examples of those that are working in offices during the outbreak and urged his fans to never exit to get food and medical supplies without a mask and gloves.

He asked spoke of the people that are taking a risk to go out and protect the state during this hour of grave crisis.

"But they're still working for you," he said, adding: "They are working to prevent the spread because this disease isn't discriminating on the idea of caste, creed or age."

Salman said: "Your duty is to remain at home and you're not even doing that! I do know of a couple of people that never venture out but are now beginning to. Police, doctors and bank people are putting their lives at stake for you. you're putting their lives in danger," he added.

"Doctors and nurses came to save lots of you and you pelted stones at them? people that have tested positive are escaping from hospitals? Where are you running? Towards life or death? I understand those who don't have anything to eat or feed their children... excellent work is going on and it feels that the whole nation is functioning together.

"But due to some jokers this disease is spreading rapidly," he said.

Salman also tried reasoning about police resorting to violence. "If your action wasn't like that, the police wouldn't have reacted that way. It (the virus) started China and ended too. But due to some people, this may stay in India."

The actor then urged all to respect those that are working to keep our lives safe.

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"There are two sides to a story. This too has two sides. One side we all stay and the second is that no one stays. you choose and thank police, doctors, nurses and bank people. Respect the ones who are suffering and keep safe, so that it doesn't spread," he says.