Rishi Kapoor Requests The Government To Open Liquor Stores Amidst Lockdown

Publish On: 28 Mar, 2020 05:42 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

MUMBAI: As the 21-day lockdown has been initiated by the government, many people from B-town are spending their time doing various things, be it running errands or doing workouts. Amidst all this, veteran actor Rishi Kapoor has an unusual demand for this lockdown period. He has actually requested the authorities to open all the licensed liquor stores during the evening for a short time period.

Kapoor took to Twitter and posted, "Think. The government should for sometime in the evening open all licensed liquor stores. Don’t get me wrong. Man will be at home only what with all this depression, uncertainty around. Cops, doctors, civilians etc... need some release. Black mein to sell ho hi raha hai."

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He explained himself further by tweeting, "State governments desperately need the money from the excise. Frustration should not add up with depression. As it is pee to rahe hain legalize kar do no hypocrisy. My thoughts."

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Now, that's one way to deal with the lockdown crisis. It is always fun to see all the out of the box thinking the actor does amidst this crisis. Though it is very unlikely the government will actually pay attention to the unusual appeal, it does compel you to think!