Ranbir Kapoor And Alia Bhatt Shoot At Ganga Ghats In Varanasi

Publish On: 16 Dec, 2019 06:08 PM | Updated   |   Arnima  

Varanasi: Actors Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Kapoor were seen shooting at the Varanasi Ghats making fans giving an eyeful of beauty to fans. Despite early morning and heavy rains the actors acted for a dance sequence in the chilling winter.

The shooting began in the afternoon once the rain stopped. The main leads of the film Bramhastra Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt started shooting on the Gai Ghat. They later boarded a boat to reach Guleria Ghat for further shooting.

The song was choreographed by Remo D'Souza and got Alia and Rabir grooving to it. The colourful song scene attracted a lot of crowd who were kept at bay by bouncers deployed for the actor's security. A lot of artists were also the part of the song sequence. Actors chemistry was quite visible and was appreciated by the fans watching the shoot.

The actors later walked down the stairs of the ghat to board a boat, they were cheered by fans. The actors too acknowledged their fans by waving at them Ranbir and Alia are in the city for nearly a week as the shooting is slated to take place on different ghats including Chet Singh Ghat.