Rakul Preet Has Always Believed In Giving Back To The Society

Publish On: 05 Apr, 2020 06:34 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

MUMBAI: As we move into another week of the national lockdown, celebrities are coming forward to make use of their well-earned fame and fortune for the greater good. Bollywood actress Rakul Preet is aiding over 200 families who live in a slum which is close to her home in Gurugram. She revealed that it is merely a small effort to express her gratitude.

The actress and her parents Kulwinder Singh and Rajender are sending off packages of home-cooked meals to the slum.

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On being asked about this thoughtful act, the actress said, "My dad figured this entire slum where people are completely out of their basics. We are facilitating two meals a day for all those people and we have decided to do it till the time the lockdown is in place."

She continued, "If the lockdown gets pushed further, I will keep doing that. For now, I have committed till the month of April and then we will see depending on the situation. The food would be cooked at a place in my society and will be sent out to those people."

The actress also emphasised upon how everyone should be doing their bit to help the needy during these dark times.

She mentioned, "It is very important to understand that many of us are privileged. We have a house, help, food, ability to stack up in case of emergency but this is when you give it to society. For me, nothing can give me more happiness than the smiles on these people's faces when they will eat their meal. And that will make me extremely happy."

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"So that's my way of expressing my gratitude for everything I have and it is a very small effort. Whoever can make a difference should, because I truly believe in giving back to society," she added.