Paras Re-enters Bigg Boss 13 House; Launches Bombs Over Contestants

Publish On: 12 Dec, 2019 06:25 PM | Updated   |   Arnima  

Mumbai: The Bigg Boss 13 House is getting a place of utmost confusion with contestants showing their nasty moves to win the game. While this season is experiencing confused relationships of friends and foes, there are contestants backstabbing their so-called connections inside the House.

With Bigg Boss 13 secret room coming into existence, Paras Chhabra and Sidharth Shukla were moved inside it, there have been some confessions which only these two contestants know about their fellow mates. Paras, however, decided to reveal the comments made by Arhaan Khan about Rashami Desai.

Bigg Boss will have some eye-stuck moments for the viewers in store for them. The episode shows Paras Chhabra re-entering the main house while Sidharth Shukla has been hospitalised to cure his typhoid.

Paras's entry in the main house again resulted in creating havoc as the contestant has asked Vishal Aditya Singh to stay away from him and Mahira Sharma. Paras said that Vishal could only hug and kiss Mahira and not think any good for her which leads to a verbal spat between the two.

Paras also drops a bomb over other contestants of the BB13 house. Paras told Rashami what Arhaan said about her behind her back. It is worth mentioning that Arhaan, in a conversation with Shefali Bagga had said, "Khatam ho chuki thi Rashami Desai, road par thi. Vahan se yahan tak main Rashami ko kaise laya hoon, main hi janta hoon.' Paras telling this to the actress left her shocked and heartbroken again.

It is to be mentioned that Arhaan stating such words about Rashami has upset the actress's brother too. Rashami Desai's brother Gaurav Desai had in a recent interview stated that his sister was never on road and whatever Arhaan has said was rubbish and a stunt to damage Rashami's image.