Nobody Likes Being Trolled, Neha Dhupia Recalls The Roadies Incident

Publish On: 18 May, 2020 12:44 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

NEW DELHI: Actress Neha Dhupia feels there are days when trolling doesn't affect her, but there also are moments when they hit hard. The actress says nobody likes to be trolled for "no-fault", and awaken to "a hurl of insults and private jabs" at family.

Recently, Neha was heavily trolled for her comment that appeared like she was defending a woman for cheating in a relationship when she reprimanded a male contestant on "Roadies" for slapping a woman who allegedly cheated on him with five other boys. The actress had to release a press release, declaring she has been misinterpreted.

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"Nobody likes to be trolled and there's no shying away from the very fact that for no fault of yours, you wake up to a hurl of insults then they not only take you down, but they want to take personal jabs at you on your family when you're not doing that," Neha told in an interview while recalling the trolling incident.

"What I was doing was just taking a stand and everything that I had to say I have put out in my statements so I do not think that I even have anything to say. Will I always stand against domestic violence? Yes, I will," she added.

Asked if she gets tormented by the trolls, the actress said: "Yes, sometimes you are doing and sometimes you become so thick-skinned that it doesn't matter."

On the work front, she is back as one of the ''gang leader'' for the 17th season of the popular adventure reality show "MTV Roadies Revolution".

" 'Roadies' has taken me to some of the most fabulous places in and around the country. It''s made me meet some very interesting and passionate talents that aspire to feature on the show. And in fact, spending time with all the leaders. My five years have been absolutely splendid," she said about the show.

The reality show recently held its first virtual audition, in the wake of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Talking about the response, Neha said: "The numbers are crazy. it had been great to see numerous people. I'm unsure if this is a new reality, people using tech and staying indoors and working from home is something which can become close to the new normal, but to say that folks won't go back on set is unrealistic."

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"They will eventually, once everything settles down, and I hope that as much in the near future. But having said that, there's so much stuff that's out there, which is on digital to be consumed right now. But the reality is that those that are viewed are those that are followed, and that's why I believe the show gets the love that it deserves, whether it's online or whether it's on an OTT platform or whether it's on television, or whether it's on grounds, so I feel like it''s also because the show''s been around for 17 years," said the mother of one.

"Roadies Revolution" airs on MTV.