No More Daniel Radcliffe Starring As Harry Potter!

Publish On: 29 Feb, 2020 05:13 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

LONDON: International sensation Daniel Radcliffe, who made his way into the industry by portraying the role of "Harry Potter", doesn't want to be associated with that character anymore! The actor has signed and been part of various projects ever since the worldwide franchise ended in the year  2011. He has finally revealed the reason for not playing that part anytime soon.

The actor was asked whether fans would get to see him be part of the 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them", another franchise based on the Harry Potter universe by J.K Rowling. The actor answered, "I don't think so. I don't like to say no to things, but it's not something that I'm rushing to do. I feel like those films have moved on and they're doing just fine without us. I'm happy to keep it that way."

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The actor further revealed that he likes the flexibility his career holds at this point in time, "I like what my life is now. I'm not saying that I'll never go back into any franchise, but I like the flexibility that I have with my career now. And I don't want to get into a situation where I'm signed up for one series for years in advance."

Radcliffe was a part of the franchise for 10 years and reprised his role for all the 8 films.

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The actor will be seen playing Tim Jenkins, an activist who opposed the South-African apartheid system and as a result got imprisoned in the country for distributing political pamphlets of the aforementioned nature. The film is based on real-life and is called 'Escape From Pretoria'.