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Jennifer Lopez's Oscar Snub Has Twitter Enraged

Publish On: 14 Jan, 2020 12:27 PM | Updated   |   Sj Desk  

Keeping its reputation intact, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has once again successfully ignored talented women and people of colour. The Academy, which is slow to embrace change, is slower than ever, as voters snub truly deserving artists who don't tick off two main criteria: White and Male. 

After a great year for movies that crossed barriers for diverse filmmakers and women, Hollywood's Oscar voters still seem overly attached to the past. They let go of the opportunity to make history because of their obsession with having a "mostly white nomination list." 

Had Awkwafina been nominated for “The Farewell,” she would have been the FIRST Asian American actress ever to be in the race for best actress in the 92 years of the Oscars. 

However, they crossed a line when they overlooked Jennifer Lopez for 'Hustlers.' The dark comedy crime drama set in a New York strip club at the height of the 2008 financial crisis witnessed Lopez's "best performance" in her entire career. The movie was a smashing hit-- a fact that flew by the Oscar voters. 

In consolation, "Why isn't she nominated for the Oscars" is better than "Why is she nominated?". 

Anyway, Netizens weren't having it! Fans were left miffed by this snub and soon took to Twitter to voice their displeasure. Here are some reactions: