Hina Khan Gives Tips On How To Sanitise Grocery Purchases | Watch Video

Publish On: 03 Apr, 2020 04:14 PM | Updated   |   Sj Desk  

Actor Hina Khan is utilizing her time in social isolation to educate her fans about precautionary practices against the deadly COVID-19. In a 13-minute video on Instagram, the actress shares tips on how to safely get groceries from outside and how to run day-to-day errands without risking yourself or your house to the novel coronavirus. 

She captioned the video:  “Just trying to share my way of avoiding the loopholes as we get groceries from outside and it has a high risk of missing something that can be quite fatal. So hope this will be helpful to all of you out there! Stay Safe and let us al avoid silly.”


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Hina starts out the video in a shot outside her house where she can be seen wearing a mask and carrying a grocery bag. She says that she has been on a necessary errand run-- buying groceries and medicines. She lays out all her purchases on the floor and says that because there’s a shortage of sanitizers in the market, she tries to use it as little as possible. As an alternative, Hina heats up some water and puts it in a bucket with soap. She then washes all her purchases (including vegetables and medicines) one by one with the soap water. Another way to clean outside items, Hina says, is to wipe them with a napkin dipped in sanitizer.

The actress also tells that she leaves her shoes near the main door and she’ll bring them in only a day later, and says that she will sanitize her feet before going inside her house.

“It’s very difficult guys,” she says at the end of the video. “Life’s become so difficult. But it’s very important to take these precautions for your parents and loved ones.