Here is How Yami Gautam Feels About Nepotism

Publish On: 30 Mar, 2020 05:02 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

MUMBAI: From Television to Bollywood, actress Yami Gautam has had one hell of Journey! The previous year turned out to be extremely good for her as two of her films, Uri and Bala performed exceedingly well at the Indian Box Office!

One of the most praiseworthy facts about Yami remains is that she has made it till here on her own and she continues to shine throughout, despite the Indian film industry being dominated by nepotism.

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The actress recently addressed the ever so controversial term in the industry and said that she doesn't feel like she's a victim of it. In fact, she is extremely content that she doesn't belong to a B-town family as it would have hindered with the kind of personality she has now.

She said, "Not knowing anyone in the industry, without a godfather, it is very challenging. I'm saying it as a matter of fact. When your film does, great but when your film doesn't do well, you don't get many options that justify your talent."


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On being asked about whether not having any connections made things tough, she answered, "You can't change the fact where I proudly come from. Hai yeh fact toh usse accept karne mein kya problem hai? Even if I feel I would have got things if I was from the industry, it's not true. No, mujhe yeh perspective nahi milti jo mere paas hai, yeh family nah milti. I wouldn't have been me and I want to be like myself only." (If it's a fact then there's no problem accepting a fact. I wouldn't have gotten the kind of perspective I have right now, the family I have right now.)

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