Find Out Who Inspired Hina Khan While She Prepped For Her Film 'Hacked'

Publish On: 03 Feb, 2020 06:21 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

MUMBAI: Hina Khan, who is a known face of the Indian Television Industry is all said to make her Bollywood debut with the film 'Hacked', which explores the dark side of stalking on social media. The actress said she paid close attention to Madhuri Dixit's character from 'Anjaam' and Juhi Chawla's role in 'Darr', to prepare herslef for the character she's playing in the upcoming film.

I have obviously watched them earlier but I was rediscovering the films. It spoke to me as to how and what one goes through psychologically or emotionally when people take to bullying. From Juhi's character, I was able to grasp the arc of how a woman goes from free-spirited to fearful.

"I needed to create a similar transition and these films broke down the emotions for me simply. I am glad I had it as a reference point. Juhi Chawla and Madhuri Dixit's strong performances helped me in honing my own performance. There are no direct similarities between those films and ours, I only drew from their performances," Hina said.

In both "Anjaam" and "Darr", Shah Rukh Khan played the antihero, as a stalker obsessed with the heroine.

"Hacked" is directed by Vikram Bhatt, and the film also stars Rohan Shah and Mohit Malhotra.