Bollywood Singer Kanika Kapoor Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Publish On: 20 Mar, 2020 02:53 PM | Updated   |   Harshita  

LUCKNOW: The pandemic COVID-19 has knocked the doors of Bollywood also. "Baby Doll", "Hello ji" and "Barbie Girl" fame Bollywood singer, Kanika Kapoor is has tested positive for the novel coronavirus. 

Sources close to the singer revealed that Kapoor was rushed to Lucknow's KGMU hospital on March 18th after she was diagnosed with the virus symptoms. The singer recently returned back from the United Kingdom and stayed at her parents' home who based in the locality of Mahanagar in Uttar Pradesh's capital.

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A few fellow neighbors reported Kanika's case post which the authorities of the society intervened and then the singer was moved to King George's Medical University in a rush and hush manner. 

 It is being reported that the singer hid her travel history and also entered Lucknow without being tested for the disease. Through the way of a washroom, Kapoor managed to escape the health check post and entered the city. 

She even partied for three days in a luxurious hotel that also had Lucknow's big political personalities. Kapoor has contacted with nearly 100 people and it is simply because of her carelessness that she has endangered so many lives. 

However, through an Instagram post, Kanika Kapoor defended herself and said she followed all the procedures at the airport security and announced that she has been tested positive for COVID-19. She also appealed to her followers to self isolate themselves and take care. 


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The people, who have come under her contact, are currently being traced. Her whole family is being quarantined in Lucknow.