Bigg Boss 13: Rashami Desai Decides To End Relationship With Arhaan Khan

Publish On: 16 Dec, 2019 05:35 PM | Updated   |   Arnima  

Mumbai: Bigg Boss 13 House has been witnessing shift of emotions in past many episodes. there has been love in the air and there has been trust issues among couples. With Arhaan Khan's re-entry in the BB13 House things have not gone as per plans. While there was romance blooming between Rashami and Arhaan in earlier episodes, the actress has now said that she is 'not comfortable' to be in relationship with the latter.

New promo released by the makers shows Rashami and Arhaan having an emotional conversation in which Rashami told the actor that their relationship was just in its initial stage. Rashami confronted Arhaan about his statement that he made Rashmi what she is today. It is to be mentioned that Arhaan, post eviction, had revealed that he loved Rashami and would propose her if he came back to the Bigg Boss House but after getting back to the house he was spotted saying that Rashami had once become bankrupt and it was him who made actress stand back.

Rashami after confronting Arhaan stated that there were so many complications in her life and she wants to get out of them one by one. "I don't want to get into complications again. The way you projected things was absolutely wrong. You are disturbed and I am more disturbed than you.” She broke down. Rashami also said “There is no one who loves me and even you are aware of the same.” Rashami said that Arhaan should either end the misconceptions or the relationship.

It is to be mentioned that Rashami was left heartbroken with the truth about Arhaan that came in front of the actress when Salman had told her about the actor's marriage and kids. Arhaan, however, had apologised to Rashami but he was again spotted saying ill things about Rashami to another contestant Shefali Bagga in side the House.