Arshad Warsi Says He Tries His Best Not To Act

Publish On: 02 Jun, 2020 01:13 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

NEW DELHI: Arshad Warsi is known for doing a diverse range of films like 'Dhamaal' 'Munna Bhai' series, 'Golmaal', 'Ishquiya' series, 'Seher', 'Jolly LLB', the web series 'Asur' and so on. The actor revealed that he tries his best not to 'act' in any of his projects.

He further explained that acting feels like special effects to him, he mentioned that if you recognise the special effects, that means the job hasn't been done well.

In a recent interview Arshad said, "I have always believed that acting is like special effects. If you can see the special effect, then it's bad special effects. In the same way, if you can see the acting then it''s bad acting. I try my best not to act."

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Before debuting as an actor in the Indian film industry, he had previously been an assistant director and even choreographed a song in the film 'Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja'. His first film as an actor released in the year 1996 titled 'Tere Mere Sapne', a major box-office hit.

Warsi emerged into the OTT platform too as he starred in the psychological thriller 'Asur'. It is currently streaming on Voot Select. The show is about the conflict between good or bad. Two different worlds have been showcased in the film, one being forensic science and the mysteries of Indian mythology on the next.

Talking about the aforementioned project, he said, "I thought the script was very intriguing and exciting. The whole idea of mythology and science combined with the good old whodunit was enough to get my attention. The cherry on the cake was, I was offered a non-comic role."

Arshad believes that the OTT platforms have been amazing for the actors.

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He expressed, "I am not experimenting or risking anything, I am finally getting to do the work I have been longing for and enjoy doing."