This Company Guarantees To Charge Your Electric Vehicle To 75% In 5 Mins!

Publish On: 15 Jan, 2020 12:46 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

Enevate, a company known to make Li-on batteries has developed an advanced technology that can fully charge electric vehicles within 5 minutes. Usually, charging a vehicle, which is electric can vary from 30 mins to 12 hours, depending upon the battery size and charging point. However, Enevate’s innovative technology can prove to be revolutionary. This is because charging a vehicle now will be as quick as refuelling a petrol based car.

The company’s new energy technology known as XFC can now charge an empty vehicle up to 75% in just 5 minutes with the help of the cell energy density of 800 Wh/Litre. Presently an electronic vehicle with Li-on batteries worth 500-600 Wh/Litre takes an hour to charge.

Enevate has revealed that they wish to achieve high volume commercialisation and manufacturing at gigafactory scale through this newly launched 4th Gen technology. With extremely fast charging, high density of energy will also be available in this invention. The company has also revealed that the cost of the resources used to make the product is lesser than other ordinary Li-on batteries. Due to low costs, and high production, Enevate can change the game in the automobile sector in the near future.

Chairman of Alliance Ventures, Christian Noske was seen speaking about the new technology, he mentioned, "Mass EV adoption by consumers and fleet owners will depend to a large degree on advanced battery technology that will remove current barriers to entry such as long charging times and limited range. Enevate is a key enabler for electric vehicles that are affordable, easy and quick to charge, and clean." Brands like Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi come under Alliance Ventures.