Survey Says 70% Indians Will Avoid Public Transport Post Lockdown

Publish On: 18 May, 2020 12:10 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

BENGALURU: Once the lockdown ends, over 70 per cent of Indians would avoid public conveyance while 62 per cent indicated to avoid cab-hailing apps like Ola and Uber, a brand new survey revealed on Friday.

The findings showed that 71 per cent of individuals would scale back shopping in malls and supermarkets and 80 per cent said they're going to continue with online shopping, As per marketing research and analysis firm Velocity MR.

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At least 50 per cent of individuals in India anticipated increase in unemployment rates, followed by lack of job security within the private sector (53 per cent) because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

"Our study shows that in the next six months to at least one year, 47 per cent are going to invest in mutual funds followed by stock/shares (33 per cent) and gold (30 per cent)," said Jasal Shah, director and CEO, Velocity MR.

Nearly, 77 per cent people plan to use Arogya Setu app and over 57 per cent will maintain social distancing and washing and sanitizing hands at regular intervals as a major change in social behaviour even after the end of the pandemic.

Post lockdown, banks can also get a serious boost through their digital payment services as near to 90 per cent of respondents are most likely to shift from cash to digital payments.

"Almost 80 per cent of respondents considered the non-availability of alcohol and cigarettes as one of the main benefits, and 74 per cent considered work from home advantage and not a drawback," the survey said.

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Conducted in April with a sample size of 3,000, the survey covered categories including shopping habits, purchase habits, travel, social activities, investments, social responsibilities during this pandemic.