Ola Is Relinquishing It's Lease Rentals For Driver-Partners

Publish On: 25 Mar, 2020 10:17 AM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

NEW DELHI: Indian ridesharing company,  Ola on Tuesday announced that it's suspending away lease rentals, like an EMI, for driver-partners who are in charge of the vehicles owned by company's subsidiary, Ola Fleet Technologies under its leasing arrangements.

"We can confirm that we are fully waiving away lease rentals, like an EMI, for driver-partners who operate vehicles owned by Ola's subsidiary, Ola Fleet Technologies under its leasing programme," the corporate said during a statement.

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"Driver-Partners who are currently in distress thanks to the temporary lockdowns to arrest the contagion of COVID-19, will stand to profit with the reduced economic burden during these times," it added.

Under its leasing programme, Ola offers drivers a choice to take a long-term lease for a car by charging a deposit and a daily rental amount around Rs 700-Rs 1,150 which hugely depends upon the model that has been leased and the city it will be operated in.

As leasing happens, Ola Fleet Technologies charges Rs 4,000, which is non-refundable and the other Rs 21,000-Rs 31,000 are refundable security deposit based on the type of the vehicle.

"Further our benefits on insurance for drivers and their spouses against loss of income thanks to the contraction of COVID-19 also as other medical support during this point, will still be offered to all or any our driver-partners across the country," said the organisation.

Earlier, the corporate announced that each one its eligible driver-partners and their spouses if infected with COVID-19 shall be covered by a sum of Rs 30,000 under which they will receive a payment of Rs 1,000 per day for a maximum of 21 days.

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This amount will include hospital and residential quarantine prescribed by a professional medical official, as approved by the govt. measures from time to time.

Drivers can make a claim for this compensation for themselves and (or) their spouse by giving proper medical reports.